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In the beginning...

We are not a recruitment agency, but build enterprise business solutions, that bring people together in a collaborative space. The internet has no distance, and therefore we should have no reason to be disconnected.

Visual Recruit Pty Ltd is a dynamic Software Development company in Adelaide, South Australia. The team of experts have been involved with designing of simple yet powerfully dynamic customized application systems for small, medium and corporate companies in both the government and private sectors in Australia and abroad.

One of our main tasks however, have been complex interfacing and integration of software solutions, including Microsoft Projects server, Sharepoint Server, and Reporting Services.

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See what we can do for your business in this video below. 

Work has also been done in the field of mobile device development, database web based solutions and e-commerce solutions.  Some of our clients in Australia includes the health sector, government departments and City Councils. 
The Visual Recruit team is also involved with web -, database -, and research and assessment instrument design and management.   

Contact us today with your specific business requirements and we will give you a free quotation. 

Getting the correct look and feel on your website, is crucial to you target market, but staying with one look and feel forever can come accross old, and eventually outdated and irrelevant.

We have designed coffee shop templates / coffee websitesrecruitment web site templates, realestate website templates, home builders website templates, etc.

It is therefore crucial to install the correct Content Management System, that can allow you to refresh the look and feel instantly, whenever you want, and even allow you to have a different look and feel on different pages.

We can therefore suggest the right business solution for you today to allow you all this and more, features like Email marketing, CRM functionality, help desk solutions, distributed project management systems, and so forth, all for a fraction of the cost of Microsoft or other comparitive solutions.

E-Commerce and product display sites are also something that we can help you with, using systems that can integrate with your finance system, and pyroll systems, as well as Time sheet systems.

We have also been involved with development of Electronic Picking systems, that allows you to quickly get the orders packed and shipped, through integrated solutions that employ Scales and Barcode systems, as well as RFID tracking systems.


We will make your new business solutions take your business to the next competitive level.

Don't wait for your compitition to take over, act now.