Our smart solutions make your ideas
come true!

We will ensure that you get a tailor made solution as we believe every business is different, and one shoe does not fit all.

Custom solutions are our speciality, for mobile platforms, desktops or server / web based solutions, we do it all.   No matter how big the company as we scale to any level and produce enterprise grade solutions that perform fast. Web site designs included!

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Simple. Stunning. Smart.

Our design philosophy embraces Simplicity, but yet try to achieve the best look and feel, without compromising functionality and usability to stay in the smart lane of the solutions race for perfect solutions.



We are proud of our work!

We are not happy until our clients are happy.   We would rather refund the work done, than walk away from an unhappy customers. We take pride in our work, and want to deliver the best possible solution.   We don’t deliver “cheap” solutions but also don’t expect the customer to pay for a Ferrari solution, when another affordable solution delivers the same functionality.   We also provide free systems like Magento and OpenERP, and just charge for configuration, functionality customizations, or web design.

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